Proximity Reader

Proximity Reader Installation

When you want to unlock a door, you typically try through a wall or door-mounted reader. At first glimpse, door access readers appear the same.

Proximity readers are a type of security access that does not need to swipe or further direct contact with a reader device. A proximity reader card includes a microchip that is planned with information regarding the person whom it is given, together with the permission of entering into particular areas of building. There are a range of proximity readers for commercial and residential use with regards to the distance and style you prefer.

Contact iGuard security services to learn how our access system professionals will clarify the facts of proximity readers in contrast to other systems. We will help you recognize and choose the perfect solution for your home or business. iGuard security services pompously serve customers all over New York, including in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, Staten Island, and nearby places in NYC. Proximity readers are trendy solutions because of their ease of installation and repairs. Proximity cards are inexpensive, safe and almost impossible to imitate. If misplaced or stolen, your system supervisor deactivates the card and gives a new one. Rest assured with the quality of service iGuard Security offers to you that will go beyond your expectations.