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Fireproof Doors Installation in NYC

A fireproof door is an important part of the safety and security of your building and employees. In case, you are looking for fire-resistive doors installation in New York City, we have got your next project done. IGuard locksmith has been developing and installing the top quality fireproof doors, and frames. We provide customize services and designs to fulfil fire code and security requirements, though keeping the reliability of your building’s structure. We can produce and install fireproof doors for all kinds of residencies and commercial needs including apartment buildings, nursing homes, office buildings, senior housing, hospitals, hotels, schools, corporations, churches, private residences, medical labs, factories, government and public institutions. We offer services for fire code violations. iGuard locksmith pompously serves up all 5 regions of New York City including Manhattan, the Bronx, Staten Island, Queens and Brooklyn.

Fire-proof doors are an essential component in every building’s submissive fire safety design. At iGuard locksmith, we will install numerous kinds of quality doors for you. However to slow down the movement of a fire, you require professionals in installing and maintenance fireproof doors. We recognize that you have to pay attention on your bottom line. Through our honest pricing and reasonable rates, you will become familiar with what you will be paying for our 24/7 door installation services. iGuard locksmith and security services provide free estimates for Fireproof Door installations and site surveys. There would be no hidden charges on the bill after the completion of work. They will proficiently give educated guess for the job you need.

When & why does fire burn wood?

Fire begins when material reaches the temperature around (150 degrees C) in the place of enough oxygen.

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