Magnetic Card Access Control

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Magnetic Card Access Control Installation

In a metropolitan city like New York, nearly every private apartment has some kind of access control system. Even though some buildings make use of systems for example keypads, security guards, and traditional lock/keys; the magnetic card are really one of the most ubiquitous and cost-effective security solutions. For those people, who have not employed magnetic card access control in an office or residential location, magnetic cards are still well-known. Magnetic swipe card access control systems make use of magnetic strips on the back side of card to set data. The magnetic reader’s head interpret the data when you swipe the card in it and allow access in building.

Being a substitute for a standard lock and key method for safety and security in New York City, magnetic card access control systems have several advantages. iGuard security solutions are here to install magnetic card access control to give you ease in managing your system. Magnetic key cards are disposable. This may be a plus point for a company of every size, shape, or business, mainly if something extraordinary has taken place in the office space. We offer reliable and efficient installation services in NYC. Our specialists are available 24*7 to provide you free quote.