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Floor Safes Safe Installation in NYC

Floor safes are installed in solid floors to hide easily, such as underneath a mat, a piece of furniture, or a portable tile. Built in the same way as wall safes, these floor safes could either have a key, combination locks or both. Though, installation is rather more complicated, and might not be feasible in every house, because a well-built solid floor is necessary, and must be thick than the proposed depth of safe.
In case, you are ready to undertake the cost of a safe installation, the additional security of a hidden safe is an exceptional option for protecting small valuables. We at iGuard Locksmith will convey expert knowledgeable professionals to install, unlock, repair or replace floor safes or the one that suits your needs.
Floor safes with lower-level combination or key locks made concealment easier. The safes are available in a variety of shapes and sizes to go well with a broad range of surroundings.
The variety of branded floor safes including Amsec and Gardall, offers you the chance to employ it in lots of different places. iGuard locksmith offers excellent theft protection through combination change, emergency lockout or safe opening. We are keen to know how you find our installation service and work, when we are on the spot.