Depository safes

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Depository Safe Installation in NYC

This kind of safe is recognized by several names, like a depository safe, drop safe, deposit safe or a drop box. Deposits are saved into a locked storage box through a top-loading rotary hopper, a reverse hopper or a front-loading “mailbox” sort of door.
Eliminate the risk of burglary by restricting the amount of money in cash register, install depository safes at iGuard locksmith and security services. We offer safety from snag or robbery along with combination change and safe unlock. Several drop safes have only a hole on the top or side where money is put in. A front-load deposit safe has a drop-down or pull-out sort of door where the money is dropped. Depository safes are also available at iGuard locksmith and security services. We hold numerous big brands including Amsec and Gardall. Deposit safes are very useful for any emerging business that deals with large amounts of cash and confidential documents. Employees could promptly deposit cash and valuables in safe for later access. The versatile deposit safe offers an efficient and secure method of carefully storing essential office valuables and documents. At iGuard locksmith, we offer the multi-use depository safes are ideal for about every office environment, and include all the required hardware to install it strongly to a wall. While choosing a depository safe, it is essential to select a safe that will fit best for your needs. iGuard locksmith is here to let you get the perfect depository safe for your office’s requirements. We also offer emergency lockout service; we are here 24*7 to open your locked safe.