Fire Proof Safes

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Fire Proof Safes Safe Installation in NYC

Store all of your important stuff in a cabinet with lock and key may hamper thieves from getting them, but the cabinet, its lock and key would not protect them from the damage brought by a fire. The finest fireproof safe will bear the maximum heat and help save your documents, pictures, jewellery, and even weapons. Fire resistant safes are made up of sturdy, resilient, thick steel, and are formed fire-proof with an inside layer of insulate material.

At iGuard locksmith, we strive to grant you peace of mind when it’s about safe install, combination change or safe lockout service. We provide a reasonable and suitable installation service on maximum items.

When you have purchased a premium product, you want it to be well fitted by a professional who cares. Keep away from the hassle of finding an installer or required products yourself. Safes vary usually in their design, structure, quality, and function. Don’t get fooled by cheap store brands! Have a discussion with experts at iGuard who can clarify the differences and also offer Amsec and Gardall in affordable rates. Either looking for a free-resistant security safe, a floor safe or fireproof safe, iGuard locksmith and security service provider in New York, can help you select the right safe for your needs.