Bio-metric Access Control

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Biometric Access Control Systems Installation

The smart devices in Biometrics for Access Control increases building security, communications, and employee management at low cost of ownership. Either being used to enter a building, safe restricted location, or for managing time and attendance, biometric verification technology has proved its worth. They provide the right kind of security wherever needed, and are capable to regulate the level of verification essential for ever-changing risk levels. To handle employees, visitors, and contractors in a better way, and to defend important areas such as administrative floors, data centres, and research labs; more and more companies are setting up physical security systems, video monitoring cameras, and time/attendance systems. IGuard security services has successfully designed and installed progressive biometric security devices. Not like keys, cards or number sequences, biometric security system offer access control that could not be transferred. This is really impossible to lie – people have to be physically there at the point of identification to get access.
iGuard comprehensive security services can include a mix of biometric and traditional card and proximity readers, offering you the ease to employ whatever suits your requirement. Our software flawlessly incorporates with an extensive range of biometric security devices for access control in your facilities. Get a free quote now for Biometric access control system installations in NYC.