Exit Buttons

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Exit button Installation

The push-to-exit button can be utilized for securing doors that could not be unlocked with a normal lock or deadbolt. These locks are locked permanently thus you can only go out if you press on the exit sensor or trigger exit button. They are accumulated right on the door within the door frame. Let us make your home secure by installing Exit button.

iGuard locksmith offers you with comprehensive locksmith and security services in New York , we will develop a sense of safety and security. The unimaginable situation occurs and you might find yourself locked out of your office premises in New York. iGuard Locksmith is here to tackle with the undesirable happenings that we take for granted in life sometimes.

We are a local locksmith company that serves in New York and the surrounding areas. You may contact us for the further queries regarding exit button locks. If you need a New York locksmith for any type of exit buttons service – Installation or repairs, give us a call, and we’ll get the job done 24-7 in a professional & reliable manner.