Panic Bars

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Panic Bars Installation or Repair

Maintain your commercial property secure and up to code by installing panic bars. Panic bars or crash bar, push bar or an exit bar, facilitates people to leave the building promptly in urgent departure. They are compulsory in all commercial building, shopping malls, schools, restaurants, hospitals, industrial buildings, and in all places with a huge gathering. Having panic hardware fitted on your office doors is essentials for the security of your clients, employees and for the safety of your possessions against burglary. It can make all the difference in a panic exit, by allowing the people to exit quickly in an emergency with just the push of a panic bar. iGuard locksmith take action rapidly to customer requests and we are highly skilled at installing, replacement or repair panic bars to maintain your business belongings safe.
When you request for help, we will send out an expert squad of locksmiths to work at your locality. We provide trustworthy 24-hour locksmith services.