Safe Lockout & Opening Service in NYC

Professionally installs high quality safes throughout New York City and we would not be beaten on price! As a qualified supplier and service provider for all big safe brands and with years of experience in the safe business you will be given helpful advice and complete safe installation services. iGuard locksmith has a wide variety of top quality security safes, and can efficiently install safes all over the New York either you are in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens The Bronx & Staten Island, along with Jersey City and Hoboken.
Safes are Smart
Safes are always a smart choice if you have valuable objects or documents that are vital to keep safe. We have a variety of safes from Fire Resistant Safes to Bank Vaults. The everyday person done not need a bank vault but it shows that we make sure if we provide a service, we go all away with it. We have a specific safe for all your needs from personal files to jewellery.
We will provide you with expert advice when purchasing your safe. Our after safe installation services make sure your safe will be working well to offer you apex security service. If you can’t get into your safe? iGuard locksmith can drill open your safe and then repair it to its previous working condition and let you avoid purchasing a completely new safe. We can reset or change your safe’s combination whenever you forgot the pass code. iGuard locksmith and security services have been offering commercial safe installation services to New York City residents for several years. Our service providers are well-informed, knowledgeable experts that you can rely on. iGuard technicians have effectively installed abundant safes for residential and commercial customers. Our specialists have experience with all types of safes. To make sure your safe conforms to your insurance company’s requirements, your cash safe will required to be installed by a qualified installation company. Safes should be handled carefully to make sure that they remain in working condition after installation. We consider that selecting the correct safe is what must be made easy while making sure that you have the finest product for your requirement at affordable price.
Fire Proof Safes
The Office safes are fire proof & drop tested to make sure it won’t open if dropped and are made stronger than house safes. The Fireproof safes have different stages of protection, regular documents start to burn at about 451°F, with fires burning at 1300°F it is essential that your safe is of quality & has cooling technology for vital stuff.
We got your Back
The Fire resistant safes have different periods of time from 30 to 60 minutes or even longer amount of times that it could keep items inside at 350°F. Safe installation and service is our most valued category of customer assistance. No matter what type and size of safe you want, from fireproof document filing cabinet to cash rated safes and customized watch cabinets, iGuard locksmith can supply, repair, and install the wonderful, safe solution for you. We have wide-ranging experience helping an extensive variety of Commercial and Intelligent safes for numerous kinds of companies. For enterprise level guidance our sales team is geared up to assist you. We are familiar with common issues like new access codes or emergency safe access requests as well as changing batteries on electronic locks. We provide a range of safe lock repair and replacement services, including preventive repairs programs to decrease service calls over the life span of the product.

Additional Safes Services in NYC:

iGuard locksmith offers the following safes services in New York City:

  • Safes combination change – If for any reason you need to change the combination of your safe- give us a call and one of our professional technicians will be there for you in no time, and set a new combination for the safe.
  • Safe Installation – Safe installation needs to be done by a professional locksmith. Call iGuard l;ocksmith NYC, and we’ll be there for you in no time for a safe, reliable safe installation.

Leading Brands:

  • Gardall
  • Amsec
  • Hamilton
  • Brown
  • American Security
  • Hayman