Top Keyless Door Locks Every Homeowner Should Consider Buying in 2023

keyless door locks

Are you tired of fumbling with your keys whenever you enter your home? Are you looking for ways to enhance your home security without sacrificing convenience? Keyless door locks might just be the solution you’ve been searching for. In this blog, we will explore the world of keyless door locks and introduce you to five top-notch options every homeowner should consider.

Why Keyless Door Locks?

Keyless door locks, also known as smart locks, have gained significant popularity in recent years. They offer a convenient and secure way to control access to your home without needing traditional keys. Imagine never worrying about losing your keys, getting locked out, or hiding spare keys under doormats. With keyless door locks, you can say goodbye to these hassles.

The Benefits of Keyless Door Locks

Let’s run through the benefits of having keyless doors installed;

Convenience: Keyless door locks provide effortless access to your home. You can enter by simply inputting a code, using your fingerprint, or even through a smartphone app.

Enhanced Security: Traditional locks can be vulnerable to picking and bumping. Keyless locks eliminate these risks by offering more advanced security features.

Remote Access: Some keyless locks allow you to control access to your home remotely. You can conveniently grant temporary access to guests or service providers, even if you’re not at home.

Integration with Smart Homes: Many keyless locks can be integrated into your smart home ecosystem, allowing you to manage them through voice commands or a central smart hub.

Trackable Access: Some keyless locks provide a log of who entered your home and when offering added peace of mind.

Top 5 Keyless Door Locks Every Homeowner Should Consider

Here are the top 5 Keyless Door Locks;

Samsung Digital Door Lock SHS-3321

Samsung has made its mark in the world of home automation, and its SHS-3321 is a prime example. With easy setup and compatibility with other Samsung products, this smart lock offers convenience and security in one package.

August Smart Lock Pro (3rd Gen)

The August Smart Lock Pro is a versatile option that allows you to control your door from anywhere. It’s an excellent choice for modern homeowners with features like remote access, voice control, and two-factor authentication.

Kwikset Halo Touch

The Kwikset Halo Touch is a smart lock that combines security and ease of use, offering a top-notch fingerprint scanner and a streamlined setup process.

August Wi-Fi

Known for its easy installation & compatibility with various smart home systems, the August Wi-Fi smart lock provides convenience and security without replacing your entire lock mechanism.

Schlage Camelot Keypad Deadbolt

This keypad door lock adds convenience to your life and offers enhanced security features. It automatically locks the door when needed and can be remotely controlled for added peace of mind.

Making the Switch

Transitioning to keyless door locks can be a game-changer for home security and convenience. Whether you choose a lock with fingerprint recognition, keypad access, or remote control capabilities, the benefits are undeniable. Say bye-bye to the hassle of carrying keys and embrace the future of home security with these top-notch keyless door lock options.

Why Get a Professional Company Onboard for Keyless Doors Installation?

Getting a professional company on board for keyless door installation offers numerous advantages that contribute to your home’s overall security, efficiency, and convenience. While DIY projects are enticing, especially in the age of online tutorials, door installation demands expertise and precision, especially when it involves keyless systems.

Professional door installers possess the knowledge and experience to ensure a flawless installation process. They understand the intricacies of door alignment, levelness, and proper hardware installation, which can be challenging for a DIY enthusiast without the appropriate training.

Keyless door installation experts offer invaluable advice when selecting the right system for your home. With their extensive knowledge of various keyless systems and their features, they can help you choose the ideal solution that aligns with your security needs and lifestyle. They consider factors like door type, access methods (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, keypad, and fingerprint locks), and integration with smart home systems.

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Keyless door locks are revolutionizing the way homeowners secure and access their homes. With benefits ranging from convenience to enhanced security, these locks offer a seamless and modern solution to traditional lock and key systems. The five keyless door locks mentioned above represent some of the best options available on the market, each bringing its unique features and advantages to the table.

So why wait? Upgrade your home security and convenience by considering one of these keyless door locks today. Call Iguard Locksmith at (917) 781-4581.