Why is Locksmith Insurance Essential for your Business?

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Imagine running late to your small café and even after an hour-long drive, you realize upon arrival that you’ve left your keys at home. What would be your next course of action? 

You might call up the nearest locksmith without verifying their credentials, and before you know it, the locksmith accidentally damages your property — leaving you with a broken door instead of an open one. 

Accidents happen. However, with an unlicensed and uninsured commercial locksmith, you are only going to end up with a huge bill and no help with the damages. Doesn’t sound pleasant, right?

Ahead, we will explore how you can avoid such a situation by understanding why locksmith insurance is important for your business. 

What is Locksmith Insurance? 

Undeniably, locksmiths have an important role in keeping our homes and businesses safe. However, any errors or judgments may pose serious risks to your customers, property, and possessions.

What happens if a commercial locksmith damages your property as a result of trying to pry open the lock of your business? 

Depending on the damage and the type of locksmith insurance they have, locksmiths can not only avoid paying hefty out-of-pocket costs for damages to your property but are also liable to compensate you.

The damages could be such as the following:

  • Accidents causing injury to employees, customers, and vendors 
  • Damaged or stolen business property
  • Client property damage
  • Work errors or oversight
  • Failure to fulfill the contract
  • Negligence by the locksmith 
  • Slip and fall accidents

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Benefits of Hiring a Licensed Commercial Locksmith

Time flies by as you get caught up in the day-to-day business activities as a small business owner.  However, it is important not to overlook the unexpected. 

To protect your business from potential thefts, break-ins, and lockouts, you need commercial locksmiths to help you safeguard your property. Here’s how:

Specialized & Certified Services

Just as you wouldn’t hire an amateur to do your plumbing system, you should apply the same standards for a locksmith. If you expect a higher level of technical proficiency, expertise, and professionalism, search for locksmiths with specialization certificates. 

Typically, locksmith certificates are provided by Associated Locksmiths of America (ALOA) and are only awarded to component individuals.

Rigorous Background Checks 

In this fast-paced world, security concerns are a huge burden. To lessen your worries, licensed and insured commercial locksmiths have certain procedures and policies in place to ensure that there is minimal risk of damage. 

One of these preventive measures includes hiring individuals after a thorough background check since these specialists have access to inventory, assets, equipment, and the building behind the locks. 

Comprehensive Security Audits 

Not only do licensed commercial locksmiths install new locks, but they also audit and analyze your current security system to provide you with invaluable advice on a range of advanced security enhancements. 

With a deep understanding of your current security system and the general security of the area, they may offer various solutions. These could include alarms, motion detectors, or CCTV systems.

No Surprise Expenses 

With a licensed commercial locksmith, you are bound to receive transparent and competitive pricing without having to worry about unnecessary expenses and hidden fees. Plus, with quality work, you wouldn’t need to hire someone else to do the job right. 

A legitimate service provider would also offer multiple and documented payment options, signing a reliable service — which can also eventually help in the insurance process if needed. 

Preventive Maintenance 

You never think of having lock problems, until they happen.  Locks have significant wear and tear, just as other equipment.

To avoid an emergency and crisis, periodic maintenance by the locksmith can keep your locks and access points running smoothly in the long run. 

Peace of Mind

Locksmith services are vital to many. Securing your commercial property effectively helps eliminate one of the major stressors. When you know that experts have fortified your commercial space, you can relax and focus on other important aspects of your business.

While locksmiths primarily provide security to homes and businesses,  as insured locksmiths, they also give you peace of mind that you don’t bear any extra burden when things go south. 

Ready to Hire a Licensed and Insured Locksmith? 

So, the next time you get locked out, lose your keys or have other access issues with your car, home, or commercial building, make sure to only get in touch with licensed and insured locksmiths. 

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