Lockout problems are the most frequent locksmith emergencies home owners encounters. You are getting late; you rush out of home and forget the keys behind. The door is locked and you have no access to the home. We have all experienced the terrible cases of children or pets losing their lives whilst locked in a vehicle in summer times.

Things to keep in mind during emergency lockouts are:

  1. Keep calm:
Locked Out
Locked Out

In spite of shouting for help, stay calm and don’t panic.  It’s better to try to find any unbolted doors or windows. By screaming around, you might alert the burglar about your problem that could risk your security.

  1. Check your pockets:

Watchfully look in your bag, vehicle or pockets for the lost keys. If you feel that you have forgotten your keys in workplace, contact your colleagues to look for them.

  1. Access duplicate keys:

In case, you are now having a spare key, apply it to open the door lock. It’s better to give one of the keys to reliable neighbors or friends to deal with any emergency circumstances.key cutting: car-keys

  1. Call 911:

At time a child, pet or any other person is locked in a vehicle on a hot, sunny day, get in touch with emergency services immediately.

  1. Call a professional:

If you fall short in finding a spare key, then the ultimate solution for your trouble is a locksmith. Seek out online help or ask your friend regarding a trusted locksmith who could help you in getting inside your home in late hours with a rapid response.


Lockout emergencies can come up anytime. If you are locked out of your home, office or vehicle, contact our qualified 24*7 emergency locksmiths for quick help. We strive to offer the prompt emergency locked out service in the New York.