5 Things to Do to Prevent Commercial Lockouts

prevent commercial lockouts

Commercial lockouts can be a nightmare for business owners, causing disruption, loss of productivity, and potential financial losses. As a business owner or manager, it’s essential to take proactive measures to prevent lockouts and ensure the security of your commercial property. In this blog, we’ll explore five crucial steps you can take to avoid commercial lockouts and keep your business running smoothly.

What are Commercial Lockouts?

Commercial lockouts refer to situations where individuals or businesses cannot access their commercial property for various reasons, such as lost keys, malfunctioning locks, or lock-related issues. Commercial lockouts can disrupt business operations and result in lost productivity, profits and damage to the brand or customer relationships. Resolving a commercial lockout promptly is crucial to minimize the negative impact on the business.

Factors to Consider During Commercial Lockouts

There are several aspects to consider regarding commercial lockouts:

Locksmith Services

When facing a commercial lockout, businesses often seek the assistance of professional locksmiths who specialize in commercial lockouts. These locksmiths have the expertise to handle different locks, including deadbolts, mortise, and high-security locks. They can open locks without damaging the lock, hardware, or door, allowing individuals to regain access to their premises quickly and resume business operations.

Legal Considerations

In some cases, landlords may perform commercial lockouts as a last thing when tenants fail to pay rent on time. Landlords must adhere to the laws and regulations governing commercial real estate, which sets guidelines for lockouts and other actions related to non-payment of rent.

Security and Prevention

Commercial lockouts highlight the importance of maintaining a robust security system to prevent emergencies in the future. Businesses can work with locksmiths to improve their security measures, including upgrading locks, installing access control systems, or implementing other security solutions.

Locksets and Hardware

Commercial door locks and hardware are essential components of a specific commercial property. Various brands offer a range of locksets suitable for commercial applications, including mortise and cylindrical locks. Choosing the right lockset depends on factors such as security requirements, type of door, and intended use.

Business-Specific Solutions

Each commercial lockout situation may require tailored solutions based on specific circumstances. Locksmiths and security professionals can assess the situation and provide appropriate recommendations or services, such as office door lock picking, jammed key removal, mailbox lockouts, or safe lockout solutions.

Five Crucial Steps to Prevent Commercial Lockouts

Here are the five essential steps one should take to avoid the hassle of a commercial lockout:

Implement Key Management Systems

A key management system is a fundamental component of preventing commercial lockouts. Create a robust key management policy that outlines who has access to keys, how they are distributed, and how they should be returned. Use key tracking software or electronic key cabinets to monitor key usage efficiently. Regularly audit and update your key inventory to ensure all keys are accounted for.

Duplicate and Store Spare Keys Securely

Always have spare keys on hand for your commercial property. Duplicate keys securely in a safe or with a trusted employee. Avoid leaving spare keys in easily accessible areas, such as under doormats or potted plants, as these are common hiding spots for intruders.

Schedule Regular Lock Maintenance

Commercial locks are subjected to daily wear and tear, which can lead to malfunctions or jamming. To prevent lockouts caused by faulty locks, schedule regular maintenance with a professional locksmith. They can inspect and service your locks, ensuring they operate smoothly and replacing worn-out parts.

Educate Employees on Security Protocols

Create a comprehensive security protocol for your employees, emphasizing the importance of responsible key usage and securing the premises at the end of each workday. Encourage employees to report lost keys immediately and provide clear guidelines on what to do in a lockout situation. Regularly remind and reinforce security procedures through training sessions or informative posters.

Invest in Access Control Systems

Access control systems provide security and convenience for commercial properties. Consider installing electronic access control systems, such as key cards or biometric scanners, to limit access to authorized personnel only. These systems can help prevent breaches and minimize the risk of lockouts caused by lost or stolen keys.

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Preventing commercial lockouts is crucial for maintaining the security and efficiency of your business. You can significantly reduce the likelihood of lockouts by implementing a comprehensive key management system, storing spare keys securely, maintaining locks regularly, educating employees, and investing in access control systems. These proactive measures will give you peace of mind, knowing your business is well-protected and running smoothly.

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