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CCTV Cameras

Safes are Smart

Safes are always a smart choice if you have valuable objects or documents that are vital to keep safe.We have a variety of safes from Fire Resistant Safes to Bank Vaults. The everyday person done not need a bank vault but it shows that we make sure if we provide a service, we go all away with it. We have a specific safe for all your needs from personal files to jewelry.

Fire Proof Safes

The Office safes are fire proof & drop tested to make sure it won’t open if dropped and are made stronger than house safes. Safes have so many different functions like being theft proof or fire proof & some are made for business places & some are made for home.We understand the vital features a Safe is suppose to provide like keeping your essential stuff safe.

Cool down with Fire

The Fireproof safes have different stages of protection, regular documents start to burn at about 451°F, with fires burning at 1300°F it is essential that your safe is of quality & has cooling technology for vital stuff.

We got your Back

The Fire resistant safes have different periods of time from 30 to 60 minutes or even longer amount of times that it could keep items inside at 350°F.